spritzer – normal to dry skin


This rose hydrosol spritzer is a must to refresh, soothe and hydrate.   With a unique blend of anti-irritants aloe vera and cucumber oil this alcohol free spray with its water binding agents is a potent component in any skin care regime.  Your skin will glow, be plump and radiant.

Tips for use:  After cleansing either spray (spritz) directly onto your face and neck or spray onto a cotton pad and gently sweep over face and neck.  The fine layer of moisture will reduce drag when followed by the application of your serum or moisturiser.   The combination is a potent force of active ingredients to improve cell health and efficiency.

bridget suggests: Spritzing is refreshing and hydrating so use it through out the day over face and body.

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Key Ingredients

rosehip oil

rich in vit C, antiseptic, healing, hydrating

rose water

soothing, moisturising

vit C & E

powerful antioxidants

aloe vera

calming, soothing, tightening hydrating, anti-inflammatory

Key Features

  • refreshes and hydrates
  • anti-irritant
  • water binding agents
  • delivers powerful antioxidants
  • anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and calming
  • revitilises
  • can be sprayed over makeup
  • fragrance free

Note:overly sensitive skin should stay away from spritzers

The bridget blacktm philosophy

The bridget blacktm philosophy is simple. We want to deliver exceptional skin care that’s accessible to all.

Here are the values we hold near and dear to our hearts.

1 We prefer inner peace to outer beauty, modesty to celebrity and gratitude to gratuity.
2 We deliver tailored skin care to match your skin.
3 We deliver well formulated products containing active ingredients that are backed by solid science and credible research.
4 We deliver affordable skin care and products for everyone to enjoy.
5 We make clean products that are kind to animals and the environment.

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