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cleansing gel with 2% BHA 250ml


A foaming rinse off cleanser, that gives a deep calming cleanse for normal to oily skins and those prone to acne or young teens just starting with skin care.   This foaming gel works deep into the pores to remove daily dirt, grime, dust and makeup which clogs our skin that lead to black heads, enlarged pores and poor condition.

Formulated with active ingredients including green tea for its powerful antioxidants, salicylic acid to exfoliate away dead skin cells and antiseptic witch hazel.  Salicylic acid can get deep into your skin to do its job. This quality is precisely what makes it such a potent ingredient for targeting acne — especially for blackheads and whiteheads.

Tips for use:  Cleanse morning and night.  Pump into moistened fingers and gently massage onto damp skin in upward circular movements.  Add water and emulsify to a light creamy foam. This will allow the cleansing gel to melt into pores, lifting all traces of daily grime and makeup.  Rinse off with tepid water using our muslin cloth for a light exfoliation that will remove all traces of dirt, grime and makeup.

Avoid the eye area.

Bridget suggests: For best skin care results incorporate exfoliation into your regime with our polishing powder. Use 2 to 3 times a week with your cleanser to remove dead skin cells.  The result is clear, bright, smooth, calm skin.

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Key Ingredients

aloe vera juice

hydrating, softening, healing and anti-flammatory

salicylic acid

anti-bacterial, improves appearance of skin

cucumber oil

calming, soothing, tightening, regulating moisture

witch hazel water

anesthetic and astringent

Key Features

  • one pump of this cleansers is enough for the entire face. Use with water.
  • very mild foaming gel for a deep calming cleanse
  • antiseptic and soothing
  • antibacterial to help stressed and blemished skin
  • improves the appearance of skin
  • fragrance free

Note: People with allergies to aspirin should not use this product

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We deliver exceptional skin care that’s accessible to all.

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