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Introducing our luxurious Replenishing Sleep Mask, a bedtime essential designed to transform your nightly skincare routine into a rejuvenating spa-like experience. Crafted with care and precision, this mask is a powerhouse of nourishing ingredients, including ceramides, hyaluronic acid, and lactic acid, all working harmoniously to give your skin the love it deserves. The infusion of ceramides helps fortify your skin’s natural barrier, locking in moisture and preventing dehydration throughout the night. Hyaluronic acid, renowned for its hydrating properties, provides an extra boost of moisture, leaving your skin plump, supple, and ready to face the day ahead. Lactic acid, known for its gentle exfoliating qualities, works overnight to promote cell turnover, revealing a smoother and more radiant complexion upon waking.

But it’s not just about the science – we understand the importance of a serene and relaxing bedtime routine. That’s why our Replenishing Sleep Mask features a delicate hint of lavender, a calming and soothing aroma that helps ease your mind and promote a restful night’s sleep. Designed for all skin types, our Replenishing Sleep Mask is a luxurious treat that goes beyond traditional skincare. Apply a generous layer before bedtime, allowing the mask to absorb and work its magic while you sleep. Wake up to a refreshed, revitalised complexion that feels velvety soft and deeply nourished.

Tips for use:  Apply a generous amount to clean damp skin.  Avoid the eye area.

bridget suggests:  This mask is the perfect skin tonic when your skin is feeling dry, sluggish, stressed and dull.

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Key Ingredients


promote barrier function and restoration.

hyaluronic acid

hydration and moisture retention

encapsulated lavender

slow release fragrance for ultimate relaxation.

lactic acid

skin rejuvenation

Key Features

  • decongest the skin
  • deep cleanse and hydration
  • smooths and diminishes the appearance of lines
  • hydrates, soothes and conditions the skin
  • powerful anti-oxidant ingredients

Note: It is normal to experience a heat sensation on the skin when these active ingredients are applied.  If you find any discomfort with this heat,  remove with tepid water, pat dry with your damp muslin cloth and allow your skin to cool before applying your spritzer and/or moisturisers.

The bridget blacktm philosophy

The bridget black philosophy is simple. We want to deliver exceptional skin care that’s accessible to all.

2 We deliver tailored skin care to match your skin.
3 We deliver well formulated products containing active ingredients that are backed by solid science and credible research.
4 We deliver affordable skin care and products for everyone to enjoy.
5 We make clean products that are kind to animals and the environment.

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