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Who is bridget black?

About bridget blacktm

Bridget Black Bridget is a qualified chemist. She's also a gorgeous woman and a mum to boot! All this makes her highly qualified to come up with her own signature collection of products - that meet her exacting criteria of high performance, minimal impact on our environment, affordability and maximum pampering qualities.

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Why did you develop bridget black?

bridget blacktm came about because of my increasing frustration with the skin care products on the market. Purely from a chemistry perspective, they were poorly formulated and overpriced. Active ingredients were misrepresented and the marketing was misleading.

It is essential that people have a tailored and individual solution to skin care. Our skin is much more complex than the standard three skin type method of normal, oily or dry adopted by other companies. Your skin care regime should reflect this.

I wanted to dispel some of the myths surrounding skin care - natural, organic, environmentally friendly. What do these really mean? And do the products really live up to their claims?

There is definitely a need for well formulated products that contain active ingredients that are backed by solid science and credible research.

Blessed Skin GenericEveryone should have access to affordable skin care.

Most products are not that expensive to produce and quality products shouldn't cost us the earth.

My range is clean, kind to animals and the environment. I wanted to develop products that everyone would love.