Cleansers Bridget Black ™


Treat your feet with our delicious foot scrub, invigorating soak and refreshing balm.   Now, here we'll come clean... after treating your feet, you'll feel like a queen!

  • foot soak:  Zesty and invigorating foot soak with grapeseed oil and menthol. Designed to aid blood to the feet and help prevent cracked hells and calluses.  Excellent for eliminating bacteria and fighting foot odour.  Guaranteed to leave your feet feeling relaxed, chilled and euphoric. 
  • foot scrub:   Energise and invigorate tired, rough and flaky feet with this peppermint foot scrub.   Gritty but luxurious, designed to remove dead skin, leaving your feet calm, smooth and clean.
  • foot balm:   Our peppermint foot balm is a refreshing emollient formulated to help soothe tired aching feet and nourish dry skin to keep your feet soft supple and revived. 

Bridget suggests:  for optimum foot care, soak with the peppermint foot soak to soften and cleanse the skin, then follow with the foot scrub to remove dead skin cells.  Massage in the balm to relieve all aches, pain and nourish dry skin.  Pure bliss!