Cleansers Bridget Black ™


Our cleansers are formulated to be gentle yet thorough. Blended to cleanse, purify and remove all traces of daily grime, dirt and makeup. Formulas that are packed full of active ingredients to hydrate, nourish, purify and heal leaving your skin fresh, smooth, soft and supple.

Great skin begins with cleansing so it's something we all need to do.  But beware.  Many cleansers contain alcohol which strips your skin of important oils.  If you see words like ethanol or isopropyl alcohol on the label - we'd rather you didn't put it on your skin.

bridget suggests: Clean skin provides the best base for an age defying defense routine.   Clean & exfoliated skin allows your serums and moisturisers to maximise their potential penetration to hydrate and care for your skin.  

Skin should be cleansed twice per day.  After you've cleansed, your skin should feel soft.   Tightness, redness, flaky skin or shiny skin means that your cleanser does not suit your skin type.  Tight, squeaky skin means that your skin has been stripped of all its natural oils and has lost its protective barrier.  If this happens over a long period, the skin's collagen will begin to break down and aging will occur prematurely (now that's enough to scare anyone!).  Hot water or very cold water will also cause problems (so limit shower time), as will excessive exfoliation.