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 “On behalf of West Australian Ballet I’d like to offer my sincerest thanks for helping to make our event so successful. With your special touches the evening ran just as we hoped and we received so many wonderful compliments from our guests. It was certainly something we could not have achieved without your services. Bridget Black has a professionalism mixed with a special personal touch that fits so perfectly with our company- not only that, but the products are exceptional! Our entire department has been converted to the Bridget Black range and we truly believe in the effectiveness of the products available.”


"Hi Bridget, I purchased a starter kit at your Mt Lawley store today and used it for the first time tonight. My skin feels positively amazing for the first time in years. My question is, what should I be using to remove my eye makeup as the cleanser says to" avoid eye area"? many thanks Jodi



"I just would like to say thank you for the exceptional way you guys handled this order.  To have it hand delivered to ensure that the packaging arrived safely was beyond the call, but truly appreciated". Denise



"Hi there, I just wanted to write and let you know how inspired I am by your products. I discovered Bridget Black at the women’s show in Perth this year, I bought a candle and some body creme, I found your store because I thought a candle would make a beautiful gift for my mother in law, since discovering Bridget Black I have bought candles and lotions for everyone i know.. I have even sent lotions to my family in Canada because the smell's make me so happy, they have come back to me as well with such positive remarks and my mom told me her boyfriend even loves it and she’s asked me for more. I am definitely going to be buying a bunch more for my family and friends when I go to Canada to visit them, I can’t wait to share your products with them. I also started using your face wash and defoliant beads and I love love love them, I will be coming back to buy more of that too!  I can say with the out most confidence that you have a customer for life with me :) Thank you!" Amber


"Dear Bridget, In late December 2009, I made an appointment as a last resort for a facial in your Mount Lawley shop. I have very sensitive skin and tend to re-act badly to most products I put on my face. I recall seeing you and your products on a segment on one of the current affairs shows about a year ago. As I was using Dr. Leeuwins products at the time, which I had been for quite a while, I decided to stick to ‘what I know'. Unfortunately though, late last year my skin started to re-act to these products. I initially went to the pharmacy and purchased a few other products, which did not help. I was almost in tears as it felt as though my skin was on fire!!! It was then that I remembered your products and I thought that I would have to make the effort to try your products. I live in Waikiki, WA  which is about 70km from your Mt Lawley shop but decided that it was worth the trip if I could find a product that would not only give me relief from my sore/burning skin plus act as a good moisturiser for me. I was amazed!!!! I commenced using your daily moisturising cream and initially it took a couple of days, for the reaction, which I had encountered from the other products to ease. I believe that your product not only helped rid me of my reaction but my skin has now never felt better!!!! I cannot thank you enough. I also purchased a ‘sample pot' of your night cream. Again, it is beautiful. Without sounding corny, I honestly believe my skin looks younger, plus it has never felt better. Your products are reasonably priced, love the packaging and your staff was fantastic. I cannot wait to try more of your products. I was also wondering if you ran any ‘workshops' ie home parties, as I would love to get my friends using your products? I cannot speak highly enough of them. Thanks so so much again!!!" Kindest Regards, Tracy



"Six months ago, I purchased one of your vanilla candles for my kitchen and was very impressed with it and its burn time. Three months later, I purchased a Jo Malone candle for $100, and even though it was lovely - it didn't compare to the quality or price of your candles. Thanks so much - your scents are gorgeous!" Mark


"I love the vanilla body creme...people at work ask me what perfume I have on" Irene 


"The serum is especially feels like you have had a facelift" Liz 


"My husband never commented on anything in his life and he noticed!" Marilyn 


"After the birth of my second child I suffered chronically from patches of skin discolouration on the face. My doctor assured me that they would disappear in up to 2 years, but after 9 years the discolouration’s remained. During that time I had tried various potions and lotions with little effect, masking the discolouration with foundation products. I begrudged using make-up because I preferred the natural look.  Two months ago I tried the bridget blacktm   skin lightening serum. In two weeks I noticed a considerable difference to my skin tone and two weeks later have very little skin discolouration left and my skin tone has evened out dramatically.  This product has been my saviour in restoring my confidence.  I'm once again proud to show off my natural skin." Sandra