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Animal Testing...

If a genie magically appeared out of a lamp and was kind enough to grant me three wishes, my first one would be to end ALL cruelty to animals. Circuses, laboratories, zoos, bile farms, battery name it. It seems to me that animal cruelty is one of the biggest mistakes man has made and continues to make.

Is it necessary for cosmetics to be tested on animals?   Absolutely not.

Are there other forms of testing that would provide valuable information about the safety of cosmetics?  Yes, there are many.

First, it is possible to rely on existing data on natural and synthetic ingredients. Most ingredients have at one stage or another, been tested on animals. Secondly, it is possible for companies to avoid mixing substances that have not been fully tested for safety.  Finally, if the two preceding issues are not achievable, then the product can be tested on volunteer human subjects.

At this point in time, are we really under any NEW dangers to warrant the continuation of animal testing? If a company wants to develop a new ingredient, then shouldn't they be legally obliged to find other ways to test the safety and efficiency of the ingredient? Thumbs up to the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK, who have imposed bans on animal testing on cosmetic products.

The only animals we test on are our girlfriends.  Seriously, we ensure that our suppliers don't test on animals also. bridget black  strictly opposes animal testing.